Adult Muay Thai Classes

Baltimore Martial Arts offers authentic Muay Thai for both men and women. Beginners and advanced students are welcome. Muay Thai Classes are currently offered on Mondays & Wednesdays 7:30-9PM at our Catonsville facility.

Prospective Muay Thai students are encouraged to call and make an appointment for a FREE trial class and sit-down office consultation. Discounts are available for military, police & college students.

Kids Muay Thai Classes

Baltimore Martial Arts will soon be offering a children’s Muay Thai program. Muay Thai is for all ages girls and boys. Muay Thai boxing will improve a child’s self-confidence and self-discipline as well as keeping them quick and agile, healthy and strong.

It is not unusual for children in Thailand to start their training at a very young age. In fact, if there is hope for a high level of success in the ring it is essential to begin training at the earliest possible moment (e.g. 4 years old). At four years old the training is not that intensive. For very young children Muay Thai is taught and approached with an emphasis on fun.

Muay Thai training becomes more serious in Thailand when a youngster reaches the age of twelve or thirteen. Fighters with talent are expected to demonstrate a certain level of commitment to the sport. At around this age a boxer in Thailand will often compete in his first stadium bout. To see children of this age (or even younger) display such high levels of courage, determination and self-motivated commitment is a humbling experience for most westerners looking back on themselves, and their own lives, at a similar age. Some prodigy kids will take on May Thai as a career.

Muay Thai is a tough sport and longevity is short lived. Its not uncommon for an athlete to retire at age 24. While this may be true for practitioners in Thailand, our training is not as brutal on youngsters. Our goal is to teach authentic Muay This so that our kids are better able to defend themselves and gain confidence through their training.

Benefits of Muay Thai boxing to children

Muay Thai training offers benefits to everyone; most especially the student, but also the trainer, and even the nation.

Through Muay Thai boxing your child can:

  • Learn to defend themselves
  • Build self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Develop self-control, determination and learn to keep a cool head
  • Achieve great health and develop quick & strong reflexes.
  • Help to protect Thailand’s heritage