Muay Thai Kickboxing

Baltimore Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Learn Authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing at Baltimore Martial Arts in Catonsville, MD. Our professional trainers will teach you everything that you need to know about Muay Thai. Our adult Muay Thai classes accommodate beginners as well as seasoned Muay Thai competitors.

Muay Thai’s straightforward no-nonsense approach to fighting has helped make it a staple art for the professional Mixed Martial Artist or amateur who competes in MMA events like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Pride, Strike Force etc. Knowing that you’re receiving authentic Muay Thai training will boost your confidence. Combine that to the natural feelings of health and physical well being that come with any regular exercise program and you feel more capable of handling many of life’s challenges.

Muay Thai training is not easy. Muay Thai is intense but the rewards are amazing. After taking class and enduring the physically and mentally demanding drills, exercises, and sparring activities involved, you soon realize that you can do almost anything. New possibilities open up to you that you would not have considered before. You have become empowered to live a life genuinely your own.

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Muay Thai Kickboxing

The Muay Thai training regiment involves a mixture of intense aerobic and anaerobic exercises: calisthenics, running, jump rope, pad drills, bag drills, technique drills—and when you are ready—sparring. Class is fast paced and you are constantly moving. As your body begins to adapt to the new physical demands being placed on it, you will start to crave more healthy food to help support your developing body. You will also quit bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Muay Thai can transform your overall fitness by providing you with the four aspects which are essential for making positive and permanent changes in your life: inspiration, motivation, application, and community. Baltimore Martial Arts Muay Thai program brings people together to help each other learn and practice in a fun and interesting environment. The art of Muay Thai will keep your attention, because its application has infinite variations.

The application of Muay Thai requires the use of all your limbs for striking—punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. Muay Thai will condition and strengthen your entire body including the cardiovascular system. Pad & Focus Mitt training will improve your coordination. Footwork and kicking drills improve your balance. Heavy bag work and the general calisthenics performed as part of warm-up or warm-down improve your endurance. Even holding pads to help train fellow students increases your own strength, endurance, and coordination. And, of course, running, jumping rope and pad/bag drills provide the aerobic exercise so important to cardiovascular health.

All aspects of physical fitness and metal well being are strengthened through the regular practice of Muay Thai. Your resolve to keep training will be strengthened by your classmate’s like-mindedness and friends that you make at our school.

Benefits of Muay Thai Classes in Baltimore Martial Arts’ World Class Facility

There are many benefits of muay thai.

Self Defense

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Muay Thai is Great for Self Defense

– There are situations when you may find yourself alone (e.g. parking lot, building etc.). Hence, you will need something that can help you to defend yourself when you are alone. Muay thai can really help because it gives you skills that work no matter what size your opponent is. Muay Thai is really beneficial for bolstering self esteem because it increases self confidence through continuous practice. The fighting techniques are more than just techniques and you can use them in different aspects of your life.


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Muay Thai Develops Discipline

– Muay thai requires a lot of discipline. Discipline and hard work mold strong character. Muay thai fighters are very honest and reliable because they are taught to be that way during their training. Muay Thai practitioners are always ready for any situation and the fighting spirit inside them is always on alert. The lessons they learn in class are applicable to problems and situations that they may face in life.


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Muay Thai Builds Strength

– Traditional kickboxing technique focuses on sheer power. Muay Thai also uses power but at the same time uses agility and finesse. Muay Thai fighters have to be strong and quick at the same time. The fighters are capable of making their moves in fraction of seconds before their opponents can make any move. This increases their reflex actions and their thinking capabilities. Hence, muay thai can really help you to gain more strength physically and mentally.


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Muay Thai Kickboxing Builds Stamina

– Muay thai takes a lot of stamina. The fighter must be ready to defend and take all the blows without getting injured. Learning to hold pads when someone kicks very hard takes physical stamina. Almost all Muay Thai fighters have superb leg stamina because most of the movements are done with the legs. Every kick has to be lethal and powerful making their opponents give up. Muay Thai practices kicks at 100 percent power 100 percent of the time. Since muay thai is very agile sport it also helps in losing a lot of weight. Hence, people who want to cut down their flab can go for muay thai kickboxing and they will see that their guts turning into six packs.

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